It's been a long summer full of road trips and multi day river expeditions.  So fun and busy this is my first post this summer. 
Back in May Scott, Ellie and myself took off for Idaho for a multi river month long trip. We went right to the Selway then back around for high water middle fork into the main salmon. After two amazing back to back Idaho classics we drove to the Lochsa for the annual Lochsa fest and hooked up with all our friends. On our way home we got lucky enough to jump on lolo creek and part of golden canyon.  This would be the first of three Idaho road trips this summer and would set the pace for my mucho kayaking whirlwinds of classics and lack of work.  So worth it !!!!!

   Ellie trying to organize all our #$@^ before our Selway trip
                      Doug Wheat day 1. 
                      The sleeping is so good !!!
               SO was the fishing....
Scott Wadelich
  Chris Totten 
Ellie with here first Selway native of the trip.
     Bacon...... BACON !!!!!!!!
     Salty river legends. (me in 30 years) 
Doug Wheat greases right threw Wolf creek.  
Parting shot of me subbing out in Wolf creek rapid. 
Picked up a new Stomper 90. Here are a couple shots of the first week of braking her in. For jumping into a boat for the first time it was love at first boof.  the boat was responsive, forgiving and predictable plowed through holes and seams while staying on top of eveything. 

                                                             Icicle creek
                                                              Icicle creek
Top Tye