Despite me not being very competitive Brett talked me into to the race after I talked him out of it to go run the multi-day Illinois river.  After our trip got cancelled he won and we raced. I had just got my new Remix 79 and was not used to paddling it so it was interesting getting to know a new boat in a down river class V race. The Remix is awesome though, got me through everything and proved to be a fast boat. Though we only got 9th, I did flip in "20' falls" and ran cats paw to the right upside down and bruised the arm up pretty bad. After eddying out and Brett yelling WTF ? we still got 9th. room for improvment. But it was all about fun ! getting all the best boaters in the area together for a goot time and a gentlemens race.  In the paddle out we had the biggest party at our favorite little spot with everyone hanging out for a while at the tree !! Good times.. Thanks to Todd Gillman for putting this event on and for all the beer!!!! 

 Check out this video of the race course shot by Fred Norquist on BombFlow.com 

Here are the results:

1. ROBES: Darren Albright & Tao Berman (28:34)
2. Louis Geltman & Andrew McEwan (29:02)
3. Brian Fletcher & Aaron Johnson (30:15)
4. Ben Hawthorne & Rob McKibbon (30:48)
5. Lane Jacobs & Jamie Wright (31:05)
6. Fred Norquist & Jure Poberaj (32:13)
7. Jonathan Ehlinger & Scott Waidelich (32:32)
8. Leif Embertson & Chris Tretwold (34:05)
9. Brett Barton & Chris Totten (34:31)
10. Mike & Joe Howard (35:28)
11. Jon Dufay & Jon Prentice (37:06)
12. GNOME: Steve Arns & Matt Kompass (38:30)

For a full write up and more pics check out Therangelife blog at http://therangelife.blogspot.com/

                    Click Here For A Video Of The Race Course On BombFlow.Com

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                      Brett and I coming through Hotel California Exhausted trying to go fast